10 Hours Spent at Changi Airport

22 April 2016

Aileen and I kicked off our Japan-Korea adventure with an ‘eventful’ start…

We reached Changi Airport for our afternoon flight, only to be informed that it has been delayed by TEN HOURS!


We were set to fly at 1:15am, instead of 3:45pm.

So, we began our 10 long hours at Changi Airport…


1.  Shopping at DFS

Changi Airport is a shoperholic’s paradise filled with duty-free goodies and brands from all over the world.


2. Redeeming our free meal at Burger King

Due to the flight delay, Jetstar compensated each of us with a BK meal voucher.


4. Visiting Changi Airport’s Tulip Garden

Sadly, the Tulip Garden will only be on display till 20 April 2016


4. Visiting Changi Airport’s Butterfly Garden


5. Catching a movie at Changi Airport’s cinema FOC!


There’s a movie screening schedule located right outside the cinema at Terminal 2 and 3. Alternatively, access it online here. You can walk in any time to catch a movie.

Aileen and I watched The Martian, starring Matt Damon. (^▽^)b


6. Cooking cup noodles from 7-11

After spending more than half a day at the airport (felt like 3 days tbh), Aileen and I were exhausted and famished. We bought Myojo cup noodles from 7-11 and hunted all over for a hot water dispenser.


All in all, we were pretty amazed that Changi Airport has such a wide array of activities for travelers and we had only explored the tip of the iceberg. It just saved two poor girls from 10 plus hours of extreme  boredome. Ain’t titled world’s best airport for nothing!


And with that, our mini adventure at Changi airport came to an end.

Please excuse our unglam faces; it has been a long day…

============== 끝 ==============


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