My Food Diary

Kith Cafe at Sentosa’s Quayside Isle

Walking along Quayside Isle, it is hard to miss this eye-catching cafe with its bright yellow signboard. Situated in front of Sentosa Cove’s marina, the cafe’s atmosphere is laid-back and full-on relax mode. Our favourite was their Furikake Crab Cake & Egg set ($20). The set consists of an avocado spread on 2 minced crab… Continue reading Kith Cafe at Sentosa’s Quayside Isle

My Journal

My 4D Eyebrow Embroidery Experience

After much intensive research online, I finally went ahead and had my brows done. 4D brows! It’s a little dark right now… And the colour will only fade after a week. So for a week, I’ll have to make do with caterpillar brows… no pain, no gain. ヾ(@^ー^@)ノ Looks like Crayon Shin-chan’s brows, no? I… Continue reading My 4D Eyebrow Embroidery Experience

My Journal

The Straits Times propaganda

Came across a really ridiculous piece of new on The Straits Times… What??? Does that even make sense to you? Here’s the full article for your judgment.   Typical propaganda news in Singapore trying to to whitewash the gross inefficiencies of SMRT. SMRT has such high frequency of breakdowns and they still have the audacity… Continue reading The Straits Times propaganda