My Food Diary

Kith Cafe at Sentosa’s Quayside Isle


Walking along Quayside Isle, it is hard to miss this eye-catching cafe with its bright yellow signboard.

Situated in front of Sentosa Cove’s marina, the cafe’s atmosphere is laid-back and full-on relax mode.

Harbour at Quayside Isle

Our favourite was their Furikake Crab Cake & Egg set ($20).


The set consists of an avocado spread on 2 minced crab cakes, beneath eggs drizzled with creamy hollandaise sauce and furikake. It comes with a side of fresh greens, and a mix of quinoa and corn.

There’s just something extremely therapeutic about cutting into those large, soft poached eggs and watching the runny yolk drop all over the crab cakes.

The set also comes with a choice of iced/hot Honeycomb Mocha/Chocolate with A SHOT OF WHISKEY!


Honeycomb Mocha with a shot of whiskey

For those of you who spend half the day wondering if it’s too late of coffee, and the other half wondering if it’s too early for alcohol…

This is THE PERFECT DRINK for you!


We also ordered their signature Kith Breakfast set ($20).

Kith Breakfast set

The set consists of a choice of toast and egg, smoke bratwurst, crispy bacon, roasted tomato, rosemary garlic, mixed mushrooms and a side of greens.

It was a well-balanced combination of sizzling grilled elements, paired with creamy scrambled eggs and refreshing greens.

For dessert, we went with their Chestnut Tart ($10).

Chestnut Tart

This delectable tart is made of creamy chestnut and granola crumble, topped with smooth vanilla cream. Slices of strawberries drenched in sweet mixed-berry sauce add to its finishing touches.

I definitely give this cafe 2 thumbs-up for its hearty cafe fare, reasonable prices and gorgeous waterfront view.


Service was quick and the staff were friendly and attentive.

Unfortunately, Kith Cafe doesn’t take reservations.

Menu & list of Kith Cafe outlets
Click here.

 —– End —–

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