Creepy Night Trek at Minoh Waterfall (箕面滝)

23 April 2016
Flying over Kansai region, Japan

Our plane touched down at around 10:45am and we took the airport limousine bus to Hotel Shin Hankyu.

Kansai International Airport (KIX)

From there, we made our way to Kinna’s Airbnb house at Jusohigashi. (5 minutes walk from Juso Station!)

Juso Station

Kinna’s house was a small and cozy one-room apartment with attached bathroom and a tiny in-room kitchen.


Despite being 7-8 hours behind schedule, Aileen and I decided to stick to our plan of climbing up Meiji no Mori Mino Quasi-National Park and visiting Minoh waterfall.

This turned out to be a HUGE mistake…


The trek up was extremely scenic, truth to be told. We spent lots of time snapping photos, taking selfies and generally just soaking in the tranquility and harmony of nature.



Quaint, traditional shophouses lined the path up the national park. They gave off a mystical and otherworldly aura.

I felt like I had stepped into the set of Spirited Away…




Some of the paths we came across felt like they would lead us into another dimension.


The whole national park is filled with gazillion exquisite backdrops for OOTD shots.


Thereafter, things took a turn for the worse…

We had spent too much time taking photos, add on our initial delay in schedule and our miscalculation of the time needed for this journey…

Consequently, we were barely halfway through the trek up to Minoh waterfall when the sun began to set.

What was tranquil and peaceful in the day turned eerie and creepy with the absence of light.


Past this point of the journey, there were no longer any signs of civilization or life…


The lamps were spaced widely apart, with large pockets of sinister shadows in between.

But Aileen and I decided to push on, refusing to give up as we had already come so far.

Our efforts paid off and we reached our destination at around 8-9pm.

However, there was an even deeper sense of foreboding at Minoh waterfall. Tension and restlessness permeated the air, weighing our hearts down with dread.

Despite my fear, I was curious and wished to have a closer look at the waterfall. If I ever were in a horror film, I’d most probably be the first to die LOL!

But Aileen, the ever anxious and fearful one, loathed to go anywhere near the dark waters. She’d most probably be the survivor in the horror film hahaha!

So, with much trepidation, we linked our arms, clutched on to each other and inched our way to the edge of the water.

The whole scene was perfect for a horror film. One where the grudgeful and malicious evil spirit surge out of the dark water without warning, and drag the unsuspecting victim to a watery demise.

After a brief “appreciation” of the waterfall, Aileen and I headed towards a small cluster of shuttered shops nearby.

That’s when things got from creepy to outright sinister.

For no apparent reason, my brand new, fully-charged digital camera kept hanging whenever I tried to shoot a photo of those shops. I restarted the camera and tried again.

And again…

And again…

My camera just refused to work.

Aileen tried using her digital camera too. But the photos either turned out too dark or too blur.

The best photo she managed to take was this…


We quickly left the area and speed-walked down in record time.

It was only after returning to our lodging did I look through my camera and realised… it had snapped a photo while we were at the shuttered shops… during the time when it hung…

Original photo on the top; bottom photo has been edited to increase brightness

So… do you see what I see?

============== End ==============


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