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The Art of Latte


Ever wondered how the baristas made those elegant swirls or cute designs on your cup of liquid battery?

Latte art is a method of preparing coffee by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso resulting in a pattern of design on its surface.


A little history on latte art…

Latte art was developed independently in various countries following the introduction of espresso and micro-foam.

It was later popularized by both David Schomer (USA) and Luigi Lupi (Italy) coincidentally around the same time.



There are 2 main types of latte art style: Free Pouring and Etching.

Free Pouring

Patterns are created by pouring milk into a cup, kept level or tilted in one direction.


Heart-shaped latte is the most basic of poured latte art. More complex designs include the rosette/rosetta (leaf shape) and swan.




Patterns are etched onto the foam with a coffee stirrer or pouring powder through an image cut-out template.


This style generally do not last long as poured latte art.

The foam or powder used for it dissolves into the latte much faster than its counterpart.

Emergence of a new style – 3D latte art!

Essentially, 3D latte art involves turning the milky cappuccino/cafe latte foam into mini art sculptures floating on top of the coffee.

FREEZE! Hands up!
A cup-o’-kitties (=^.^=)


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