Hellish nightmare at Sofitel Sentosa

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of staycation.

But if there was a hotel I’d recommend to friends and family, it’d definitely have been Sofitel Sentosa Resorts & Spa.

Just look at the exquisite scenery and design!


They even have majestic peacocks strutting all around the resort!


Well, but take note of the keyword: was.

I recently visited Sofitel Sentosa on 28 May 2016. It was my family’s 4th or 5th staycation there.

And I was appalled by the standard of customer service and hygiene at the resort!

Our nightmare started at the check-in counter…

Our check-in time was 3pm.

When somebody tells me the check-in time is at 3pm, I expect the room to be ready for me to check in by that time. I certainly didn’t expect to reach there at 3pm, only to have them inform me that they have only just started “cleaning”, “preparing” and “inspecting” the room.

Check-out time at the resort is at 12pm. They had 3 whole hours to prepare the room for the next guest. If they are unable to do so within the given time frame, then it’s high time they review their staff management or increase their manpower.

In all, we waited nearly ONE HOUR for them to prepare our rooms.

This was just the beginning of a long string of frustrations with this supposedly “5-star” resort.

My family booked 4 rooms. We specified adjoining rooms or  rooms near each other, as well as the type of rooms we wanted. After checking, the staff who helped us book the rooms agreed to our requests.

But at the hotel, half an hour into the long wait, after telling us they were preparing the rooms, they informed us they weren’t able to accede to our requests. My family would be split up on different floors.

After much pleading on our part, the staff finally said they can provide us with 3 rooms next to each other, while the 4th would be “just a slight distance away”. That “just a light distance away” turned out to be an extremely long hallway with many winding turns, leading from one end of the building to the other end of another building.


When we requested our rooms to be near, we meant 2-3 rooms apart. Not this…

By the time we were led to our rooms, it was already around 4pm

In addition, the 4 staff who were at the check-in counters were inefficient and rude!

Yes, you hear that right.

4 staff were milling around the counter “attending” to us, yet things still moved at a snail’s pace.

They kept discussing things among themselves in Malay and their tone was not pleasant. Furthermore, we are Singaporeans; we grew up with Malay friends. We may not fully understand what was being discussed, but we can definitely spot unkind words when we hear them.

Slow and inefficient service is one thing, assuming we did not understand Malay and insulting us in another language is absolutely unacceptable behavior.

And I’m not even halfway through my list of unhappiness with Sofitel Sentosa…

Given the amount of time the staff spent cleaning and preparing the room, I was expecting a spotless room. Or at least a clean one…

Sad to say, I was sorely disappointed.

The bath tub was littered with dead flying ants and so was the window area next to the bath tub. All the windows in the bathroom were sealed shut if you were wondering…

Unfortunately, I did not think to snap photos of the bath tub. I only started taking photos after getting pissed upon finding more critters by the window. By then, I had already washed away those in the tub.

After washing all the buggers away, I also realised the bottom of the bath tub was filthy too.

The whole tub was covered with black spots of dirt, or whatever it was, I’ve no idea… The dirt refused to be washed off with water, only coming off upon rubbing it.

Here’s a video of it:

Well, there’s more fucked up things to come…

I left a sample size facial cleanser beside the sink in the evening before heading out for dinner. 

My cleanser was gone when I returned…

The staff probably thought it was opened/used, and threw my sample away. -.-“

I had make-up on and only ONE cleanser. Now that it’s gone, what do I use to remove my make-up? Body soap? Shampoo?

I dialed the reception, explained the situation and
requested for facial cleanserOr the very least, some form of facial wash…

Guess who and what she sent over?

The dumb woman sent over a cleaner, armed with cleaning tools and “soap”… The kind used to clean the toilet.

I’m touched that she sent me the strongest “soap” to wash my make-up off but seriously… Did she want me to remove my face along with my make-up???

This is getting ridiculous…

I dialed the reception and explained again. This time round, 
she sent the guy over with cotton pads and buds… Is facial wash/cleanser so hard to understand?

I called the reception a 3rd time… and this time, 
the bitch finally admitted it was “not in their policy to provide face wash/cleanser”Was that so hard to say?

She could have said that the 1st time round, instead of wasting everybody’s time and sending that poor room service guy twice to my room with ridiculous items.

I was extremely disappointed with my staycation at Sofitel Sentosa this time. Doubt I’ll risk a return visit in the future. A supposedly chill and relaxing weekend to destress and enjoy, turned out to be one hellish experience.

Their restaurant, Kwee Zeen, was in the same state too. The dirt was even facing upwards… How did this get past quality check? How could the staff have missed this?


I would expect this level of service and hygiene from lower star hotel. But certainly not from a 5-star resort charging guests 5-star resort price for a 1- to 2-star resort standard.

I’ve emailed Sofitel Sentosa about these incidents on 29 May 2016, but have yet to receive a reply from them.

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